Most people arrive to experience an environment and a country different from their own. Please keep and guard it on land and in the water.

Do not throw litter on places where it is not supposed to be thrown….unfortunately the Egyptians themselves have to learn this too… and please make an effort in keeping the UW-world as it is.

Do not take any souvenirs from below the surface or destroy anything in this fragile environment ! Do not buy any souvenirs made of corals or animals, these products are unfortunately still offered for sale even though it has been forbidden. Secondly, it will bring you trouble when you reach the customs.

All these articles were once living creatures – and by removing them from their natural surroundings the balance in the natural circle will be destroyed.

We do our part too in order to protect the area. The diving centre is one of the foundation members of the HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) which have managed to arrange mooring buoys in the area.

Still it is not enough – therefore, each diver should know: do not feed, do not touch and do not remove and watch your buoyancy! We thank you in advance and in case you wish to make a donation to the HEPCA contact the office staff.