3 Turtles Diving Center recognize the certifications from PADI, CMAS, FFESSM, BSAC, NAUI, SSI

A Day Diving With 3 Turtles

Time to check in at the dive club, and make your way to the boat. Guest’s staying in other hotels can be collected by our complimentary shuttle service.


Ropes Off! Boats depart from the jetty after the compressor crew have finished loading your dive boxes. You will find all the required tanks onboard. After being welcomed on board by your guide a decision will be made about the dive site. Site selection is based on your personal wishes, weather and experience. For safety reasons the final decision is with the Captain. The dive sites off Safaga are between 30min-90min boat ride away. During the time it takes to get to the choosen dive site you have plenty of time to soak up the sun, relax, and get to know your fellow divers whilst our friendly crews can serve you with hot and cold drinks.


BRIEFING!!!! The wait is nearly over just some vital bits of information about the dive site from your guide and after that its time to take the plunge. The briefing is usually conducted up on the top sun deck and your experienced guide will inform you of depth, current, U/W landmarks for orientation and of course entry/exit procedures. At the 3 Turtles Diving Center we do not impose a time limit for diving we just ask that you stay within No-Decompression limits. Max. Depth is 30m.


After surfacing from your dive the crew will help you take off your equipment and then serve you with free hot tea and coffee. You can then decide if you want to go snorkelling, take in some sun, relax in the shade or chat with your fellow divers.

11.30-12.00 Midday

Lunch is ready! This delicious freshly prepared cooked meal is served with our chefs compliments.


Your surface interval can be spent eating, relaxing in the sun, sleeping, or having a chat. Whatever you decide you will have plenty of place on our spacious dive boats


After changing dive site during the surface interval, it is now again time to come together for the days 2nd briefing. After which you can again explore the wonders of the Red Sea.


It’s time for tea. After you have completed the day’s second dive the crew will again serve you with hot tea or coffee and either cake or fruits. Time now to leave the dive site and set off for home.


Arrive back at the marina. Our Shuttle service will take you back to your hotel or the diving center if it’s your check out day.

5.00-6.00pm (1 hour before sunset)

If there are enough interested divers (min. 6 people) it is now time to depart from the jetty again! Night dives are conducted on sheltered shallower dive sites so you have lots of time to discover the hidden wonders of the Red Sea. After finishing the dive the captain will set course for home and while cruising you can lay down and enjoy the incredible beauty of a star covered sky.

After finishing the dive the captain will set course for home and while cruising you can lay down and enjoy the incredible beauty of a star covered sky.

Which Suit To Take For Diving

Air ° 181920232628333533302622
Water °C 191920202224283028272422
Suit mm7Semi-dry7Semi-dry7555shortyshorty555-77Semi-dry


Be Safe, Dive Nitrox

The popularity of Nitrox diving is increasing year by year, for it is simply said just SAFER. Safety first is the philosophy of 3 Turtles Diving Center. The 3 Turtles Diving Center offers Nitrox as an alternative to compressed air to every qualified NITROX diver.NITROX for FREE! (32%) Other EANx mixtures are available on request for a small surcharge.

Deco Chamber Support Program

« Safety First » is a fundamental rule with 3 Turtles Diving Center. Not only does the 3 Turtles Diving Center have an exceptional proven safety record we like to always go that little further and with the nearest recompression chamber only 3km away from the club we can react correctly whatever the emergency. DECO International is a network of recompression chambers active in Egypt. With highly qualified and experienced dive medical specialists on hand 24hrs a day 365 days a year. DECO International with the cooperation of the 3 Turtles Diving Center offers all visiting divers the possibility of enrolling in the Chamber Support Programme. For a voluntary donation of 6, – Euros. You will receive the first emergency recompression treatment free of charge. This is valid for 3 weeks from date of issue. We hope never to have to use it but it’s for a good cause