This dive site is best made from the mooring and back. You will not travel far from the boat or cover a large area but you will navigate a fair distance between pinnacles and through canyons and you will definitely find a lot of interesting marine life. There might be a few boats on this site at the same time but this does not mean that you will swim in “diver soup”. There are enough different routs to choose from to separate plenty of divers out of visual distance. it’s nice to start to the west side and swim a bit off the beaten track here and wonder out over the flat sandy bottom. There I find nudibranches, wortslugs, anemones with anemonefish and shrimps and loads of other interesting macro life. Passing the two pinnacles to the west it’s a good idea to get back closer to the reef again and cross over to the northern erg. Circumnavigate this clockwise and return to the channel. Here you check your air and decide weather to go for the full circle around the east reef or take the shortcut through the channel leading back to the boat. During your safety stop you just hang around the south end of the main reef.