This dive site can either be made as a drift dive or stationary dive from the mooring and before deciding on the dive plan you should check the current. Most of the time you’d chose to go from the boat stationary on the mooring. When you descend you will find yourself over a flat sandy area with a depth of 7 to 9metres. Start by swimming out through the channel. Here the depth progressively increases and you will pass an eel garden just before turning north with the reef on your left shoulder. The main reef itself is quite beautiful with large boulders of hard coral and schools of goatfish, butterflyfish and sweetlips. At the foot of the reef you have 14 to 17metres and the bottom slopes gently to the east. If you want to explore the coral bommies out in this area it’s a good idea to stay above the 25 metres to make the navigation easier. As you reach 100bar you turn around, shallow out and swim south with the reef to your right. As you come back to the channel you have just a few minutes between you and the boat so if your air consumption allows it you can circumnavigate the southern erg before starting your safety stop next to the main