Located at the north tip of Abu Soma this dive site is extremely exposed to weather and wind. It’s often not possible to go here which makes a dive at this site even more special. There is a huge ridge of hard coral right outside main reef and in between runs a canyon from a depth of 8 metres in the middle down to 35 metres to the west.


Big groups of doublebar bream, silver sweetlips, batfish and snappers hang over the coral garden while jacks and tunas are patrolling the blue in search of pray. It’s easy to get carried away here, partly because of the stunning marine life and partly because of the topography. Before you know it you’re at 30 metres or more so keep an eye at your depth gauge as well as your SPG


The dive plan here is dictated by your certification- and experience level. However, the reef and marine life are equally exciting on shallow, easy dives as with more challenging and demanding profiles. One thing is crucial when planning this dive though and that is a thorough current check.