There are two mooring lines allowing boats to tie up just out of reach for the house reef divers jumping in from the jetty in Soma Bay. This dive can be made from the boat and back but it’s better as a drift dive. When you drift you will start right on the corner that has given the site the prefix Ras.


The first few minutes you will descend along a steep slope which soon gives way to a narrow shelf at around 22 metres. This shelf gradually widens into a big plateau extending to the east of the main reef. Follow the edge of this plateau and keep an eye out for larger predators passing in the blue but also on your SPG and NDL. The depth at the edge goes down to 35 metres. Make sure you are leaving the deep part of the dive with a minimum of 120bar so you get back to the main reef in time. On your way south take your time to explore the beautiful coral blocks scattered over the sloping plateau where you can find a fantastic variety of macro life.


The foot of main reef meets the sandy shelf at around 18 metres so when you reach this point it’s a good idea to shallow out and extend your air supply and NDL. The shallow part at 5-8 metres depth is gorgeous here and makes the end of your dive memorable and invites to a well used safety stop